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Asset Recovery for Surplus Industrial Parts & Equipment

Asset Recovery - Overview

The IMS Asset Recovery Program specializes in effective return on investment resale solutions to industrial manufacturers faced with storage limitations, liquidations, plant closing, downsizing, or excess and obsolete equipment needs.

Through aggressive marketing techniques, advanced analytics, and industry-leading applications, we provide clients the highest potential return on their investments.

IMS goes beyond just listing your assets for sale by taking an active approach to selling your assets through advanced technology and our dedicated sales team.

How It Works

Once your facilities send their excess materials to IMS, they are immediately cataloged and recorded to ensure a complete tracking of their location, contents and value.

IMS technicians will assess each item to identify its condition and resale value. Items are then entered into IMS’ customized tracking system and given a unique tracking SKU.

Once identified, items will be photographed, measured and weighed. Each item will be stored in a climate controlled and fully secured warehouse until distributed to end users.

Throughout the assessment process, your company will be able to view all of the information using our real-time tracking dashboard from any Internet-enabled device.

Partnership With No Hidden Costs

You receive up to 50% of all sales each month. IMS does not deduct any hidden costs from payments and provides monthly sales statements.

50% Consignment With No Fees

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Download the 2024 IMS Asset Recovery Strategies Brochure

The Asset Recovery Process

The IMS Asset Recovery Process has been fine-tuned to be as simple, fast and effective as possible. Using the IMS Connect dashboard you can stay informed every step of the way. You can have as much or as little involvement as you want during the entire asset recovery process, and you can request any unsold asset be returned at any time.

Remote consignment options are also available for facilities across the world or for sensitive equipment.

Get Started Today!

Learn more about how IMS can help manage your surplus MRO tools, equipment and other assets. Contact us at (888) 437-6645 or use the button below to speak with an Asset Recovery Specialist today.

IMS Is Your MRO Surplus Solution

It is important to have a process for handling MRO surplus.

Let IMS work with your supply chain and MRO teams to clear space, generate ROI, and help your sustainability initiatives.