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Manufactured By: ALLEN BRADLEY
Manufacturer Part Number: 1769-HSC
IMS Product Code: 148104
Packaging: Sold Individually



Technical Specifications


Attribute: 1769-HSC

Bus current draw: 425 mA, 5V DC, 0 mA, 24V DC

Heat dissipation, max: 6.21 W, the watts per point, plus the min watts, with all points energized

Isolation voltage: 75V (continuous), reinforced insulation type, channel-to-system and channel-to-channel, Type tested at 1200V AC for 2 s

Weight, approx: 309 g (0.681 lb)

Dimensions (HxWxD), approx: 118 x 35 x 87 mm (4.65 x 1.38 x 3.43 in.) Height with mounting tabs 138 mm (5.43 in.)

Slot width: 1

Module location: DIN rail or panel mount

Power supply: 1769-PA2, 1769-PB2, 1769-PA4, 1769-PB4

Power supply distance rating: 4 modules

Terminal screw torque: 0.68 N * m (6 lb * in)

Retaining screw torque: 0.46 N * m (4.1 lb * in)

Wire size: 0.32...2.1 mm2 (22...14 AWG) solid copper wire or 0.32...1.3 mm2 (22...16 AWG) stranded copper wire rated at 90 °C (194 °F) insulation max

Wire type: Cu-90 °C (194 °F)

Recommended cable: Individually shielded, twisted-pair cable (or the type recommended by the encoder or sensor manufacturer)

Wiring Category(1): 2 - on signal ports

Vendor ID code: 1

Product type code: 109

Product code: 19

Enclosure type rating: None(open-style)


Input Specifications

Inputs: 2 quadrature (ABZ) differential inputs

Input voltage range(1): 2.6...30V DC

On-state voltage, max: 30V DC

On-state voltage, min: 2.6V DC

On-state current, min: 6.8 mA

Off-state voltage, max: 1.0V DC

Off-state current, max: 1.5 mA

Off-state leakage current, max: 1.5 mA

Input current, max: 15 mA

Input current, min: 6.8 mA

Input impedance: 1950

Pulse width, min: 250 ns

Phase separation, min: 131 ns

Input frequency, max: 1 MHz

Isolation voltage: Verified by one of the following dielectric tests: 1200V AC or 1697V DC for 1 s, input to bus and input to input

75V DC working voltage (IEC Class 2 reinforced insulation)

Output Specifications

Outputs: 16 total, 4 physical and 12 virtual

Output voltage range: 5...30V DC

On-state voltage, max: User power - 0.1V DC

On-state output current per point, max: 1 A, 30V DC, 40 °C, 0.5A, 5V DC, 60 °C

On-state output current per module, max: 4 A, 30V DC, 40 °C, 2A, 5V DC, 60 °C

On-state output current, min: 1 mA

On-state voltage drop, max: 0.5V DC

Off-state leakage current, max: 5 μA

Turn-on time, max: 4 0 0 μ s(1)

Turn-off time, max: 200 μs

Reverse polarity protection: 30V DC

Isolation voltage: Verified by one of the following dielectric tests: 1200V AC or 1697V DC for 1 s, output to bus

75V DC working voltage (IEC Class 2 reinforced insulation)

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