Robots Are Helping Fine Artist Painters Make Some Truly Eye-Popping Work.

Robots Are Helping Fine Artist Painters Make Some Truly Eye-Popping Work.

A new robot name “Sozo” is helping American Artist Barnaby Furnas produce paintings that can be sold for more than $100,000 in New York Galleries. Sozo, which means Imagination or creation in Japanese, was Created by tech start-up Artmatr.

Sozo helps Barnaby by using an optical tracking system that is controlled by a paintbrush like handheld sensor used by the artist. The robot records all the artist movements which is then able to mimic the artist strokes.  By recording the movements, the brushstrokes can be edited before they are put on the canvas. Making strokes that are thinner than a human eyelash.

By combining the digital image and the brushwork of the artist allows for new dimensions to be brought to the paintings. Artmatr calls this 2.5D the combination of traditional 2D art, completely flat media, and 3D, three dimensional objects.

CEO and Co-founder of Artmatr said “Every creative industry, every creative domain completely transformed by digital technology over the past 20 years except for painting.

The changes to photography, sculpture, drawing and even ceramics can be easily seen over the last 20 years. It is much more difficult for painting to add digital elements. Digital editing and photography are everyday occurrences, sculpting and ceramics have been getting help with 3D printing and CAD programs. However, until now it was hard to add anything digital to the canvas.

 The use of the robots is causing some controversy, making some ask “is this really art?”

After years of art classes and painting in my free time I just think back to the definition I was taught, Art is anything that is made for the purpose of relaying the thoughts and feeling of the Artist to whoever sees it and to make them to think.

Do you think this is art? Let us know.

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