What Can Be Done About The Skill Gap Among New Workers

What Can Be Done About The Skill Gap Among New Workers

Even though employment is at record high levels, there is great concern over the lack of skills among workers and questions related to the future of having a highly trained workforce for increasingly high tech jobs. Forbes magazine offers 5 Ways To Address The Widening Skills Gap with practical steps to take that will help businesses address this problem.

One step encourages businesses to connect with local educators, both high schools and colleges. The article states that “organizations such as The National Network of Business and Industry Associations exist for the purpose of connecting industry groups and educational institutions to ensure that the latter are teaching skills that are in high demand…”

A different resource, PMMI U Skills Fund, will match company funds to support regional educational initiatives. The PPMI foundation is dedicated to packaging and processing, but there may be other industry specific foundations and organizations offering assistance in bridging this skills gap.

Investing in existing employees by offering training to improve their skill level is another of the Forbes steps and another way to utilize industry grants or matching funds to address the skills gap problem. Some helpful tips along with seeking industry resources and educational partners can make a difference in your company’s staffing dilemmas.

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