Robots and Humans

Robots and Humans

A recent Forbes article takes a look at the widely discussed concept of robots taking over human jobs. Many tasks can be done more efficiently with robots. The idea is that the loss of automated jobs to robots will be replaced by human jobs tending to the robots. Much has been said about the need for highly skilled workers to maintain and repair robots.

In the Future:

The author of the Forbes article, Kalev Leetaru, makes the case that in the future,  “The structured nature of robotic bodies and their well-defined electronic innards makes testing and repairing them far easier for machines than humans.” Will Robots be able to perform repair and maintenance on other robots, or will these tasks remain human jobs?

For Now:

For the immediate future, there is still a call for skilled robotic programmers and maintenance workers. We should expect to see more education and training programs, as well as jobs, related to the increased use of robots.

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