4 Ways To Help the Environment and Your Bottom Line

4 Ways To Help the Environment and Your Bottom Line

Approximately 89 percent of manufacturing companies now discuss factors such as energy management and sustainable practices at the board level. This alone shows these companies are becoming more and more aware of the all-too-common negative effects their processes may have on the environment.

Sustainable manufacturing efforts are designed to profitably produce goods while minimizing the environmental impact of the manufacturer, as well as energy consumption and the use of natural resources. Evidence shows that companies using both economically and environmentally sound manufacturing practices will be able to gain a number of competitive advantages.

Some effective ways for manufacturers to reduce their impact on the environment while remaining profitable can be found here. With more manufacturers making moves to be eco-friendly, it is imperative to join in or be at risk of losing out to more sustainable companies.

1. Review Your Designs

If you make the decision to reduce your environmental impact, you need to review the current products you offer. Is there any way to make sustainability a top priority? For example, can you streamline designs to use fewer materials or use less packaging? Have you thought of trying to use recyclable materials when possible?

2. Reconsider the Materials Being Used

Each year, manufacturers use millions of tons of plastic; however, only a fraction of it is recovered or recycled. All this plastic use has an extremely negative impact on the environment. A great way to reduce your footprint and help the environment is by reducing the amount of plastic and other similar materials in your manufacturing processes.

To do this, make sure you remain open-minded. It is also smart to stay aware of industry developments, which means that you will always know what new, environmentally friendly materials and processes are available.

3. Energy Consumption Considerations

There is no way around this one - it is always going to require quite a bit of energy to manufacture something. However, there are ways you can manage your usage and even ways to create your own energy. For example, with a ground source heat pump and a solar photovoltaic system, you can create cleaner and renewable energy. You should also consider installing LED lighting, which will reduce energy consumption.

4. Recycle Parts and Components You No Longer Need or Use

From time to time, all manufacturing facilities are going to discover that it is time to replace parts or components of various machines or update older or obsolete machines, thus finding themselves with an MRO surplus. Rather than simply discarding these old components and industrial equipment, make a smarter, more eco-friendly decision. Companies such as IMS not only list these types of assets for sale, they will also take an active approach to ensure they are sold by using a dedicated sales team with advanced technology.

Not only does this reduce the materials being discarded and sent to the landfills, which is good for the environment, it also helps your bottom line. When you use our asset recovery option, you actually make money by upgrading your equipment!

Now is the time to begin thinking about how sustainable and energy-efficient your business is. You can't continue using non-sustainable practices, as consumers have already made it clear they will spend more to buy from a manufacturer that actively invests in sustainable practices. Take the plunge by using the tips here and help your business be more eco-friendly and more profitable by using these sustainability practices.

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