National Manufacturing Day Highlights the Importance of Industry

National Manufacturing Day Highlights the Importance of Industry

The goods that Americans count on each day are made through the manufacturing process. It is easy to overlook this fact, but President Trump's recent proclamation that October 6, 2017 was National Manufacturing Day puts this important part of the supply chain back into the spotlight.

For years, we have heard that manufacturers were sending jobs overseas. While it is true that this has happened, the growth of the manufacturing industry in the United States is on the increase again. People are starting to put more emphasis on where products are made. The "Made in the USA" label on goods has become the hallmark standard for many items.

A Large Industry

More than 12 million Americans were employed by manufacturers in 2016. This industry alone accounts for more than 11 percent of our gross domestic product. These figures are expected to rise in the coming years as the U.S. continues to grow economically. Investments in this country and keeping jobs at home are focal points of many corporations, who count on manufacturers to be able to supply goods that we can proudly call American Made.

The Forward Motion

Manufacturers here are on a quest to keep moving forward. Automation, 3D technology and robotics are all coming together to help keep the industry here at the front of the pack worldwide. While many people think that all of this combines to claim jobs, they actually create jobs that range from machine operators through software developers.

The machinery in the manufacturing industry today is comprised of a host of specialized options. Keeping the equipment up and running takes special training and forward thinking. Equipment that is properly maintained on a predetermined schedule is less likely to have downtime. Less downtime means faster and more efficient production. This leads to happy clients and customers.

Because the equipment now is more specialized, many components that are necessary for maintenance and repair aren't available at a local supply store. Manufacturers will likely have to order components. In this case, fast shipping, proper fitment and quality can all impact the amount of downtime that the manufacturer experiences. Less downtime for equipment means increased profit margins and consistent performance.

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