Increased Injection Mold Demand Leads to 5th Business Expansion in US

Increased Injection Mold Demand Leads to 5th Business Expansion in US

To accommodate increased demand for their injection mold and medical device business, GW Plastics recently announced a fifth expansion in Royalton, VT. “On the heels of a major expansion in Ireland, we are delighted to announce this expansion in our home state of Vermont, reaffirming our commitment to growing in Vermont and the United States while serving the needs of our customers globally,” stated Brenan Riehl, President and CEO of GW Plastics.

A recent article in Plastics Today details the multiple expansions undertaken by G W Plastics in the US and around the world. GW Plastics prides itself on being a premier single chain supplier in contract manufacturing, particularly of medical devices. They offer a range of sophisticated technologies, from development to packaging. This recent expansion seeks to add to their capabilities.

In business for more than 60 years, GW Plastics specializes “in providing complex plastic injection molded thermoplastic and silicone solutions to the healthcare, automotive safety-critical, and filtration markets.”

IMS Supply congratulates GW Plastics on their continued global growth!

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