What Countries Are Most Prepared to Deal with Job Losses from Automation Fallout?

What Countries Are Most Prepared to Deal with Job Losses from Automation Fallout?

South Korea, Germany, and Japan are most prepared for the new influx of automation. The least prepared countries with the most risk of losing job are Mexico, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The Us come in at 9th out of 25.

Up to 800 million jobs could be lost worldwide by 2030, as I’ve stated in previous posts that could be nearly 1/3rd of all U.S. jobs. This is all due to the leaps and advances in robotics A.I. and Automation. Already we have seen the inflex of automation and robots in the automotive industries branching out in nearly all forms of manufacturing. But too much automation without human supervision can have some dire consequences as the Tesla company has been forced to acknowledge in tweets and interviews.

Tesla had been saying they were aiming for 5000 cars a week but those expectations maybe a tad high as they are producing just over 2000 a week currently. For the second time this year all production has been put on hold though as the production lines are being evaluated, and with recalls being issued by Tesla within the last few months on the model 3.

The issues that Tesla is dealing with are showing the dangers of not having enough human interaction in automation and how the loss of jobs that automation is causing can have a negative impact on the manufacturing process itself.

The richest and poorest countries will be impacted the least by this new wave of automation in the next few decades. The rich countries will be able to train and prepare to deal with the rapid deployment of robots and automation easily, while poorer countries have less manufacturing automation to begin with and thus don’t have as much to lose.

Median income countries are the most prone to job loss, as they have a significant manufacturing capacity. According to a report sponsored by ABB the it’s not just manufacturing job that are going to be at risk, but white-collar jobs are in danger as well.

“The advent … of highly intelligent technologies … has added a new dimension to discussions of future automation,” the report says. “Namely the prospect that large numbers of roles performed today by humans, wearing white or blue collars, will be eliminated by machines.”

All countries and companies should be preparing for this new wave of automation. Implementing training of skills, an emphasis on science and technology, as well as vocational training that works WITH robots to help mitigate the loss of jobs and the creation of new jobs in excising fields as well as with new fields that have yet to be developed.

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