American Manufacturing Still Matters

American Manufacturing Still Matters

It seems like every day we hear about some new app or Silicon Valley wonder company but we sometimes forget about the importance of Manufacturing. Let's start with one key fact, Manufacturing Matters, especially in the United States. It provides high-wage jobs, new ideas, and new products. Manufacturing is also a key factor to trade deficit reduction according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Computers and electronics are important, but petroleum, steel, automotive, aerospace and other traditional manufacturing sectors continue to be critically important to the United States economy. The manufacturing industry employs over 12 million Americans which is around 10% of the entire US workforce, that's a lot of jobs, but that's not the only reason manufacturing matters.

American Ingenuity

Manufacturing matters because it's how new ideas and inventions become reality. American manufacturing and ingenuity have always been key to competing in a global economy. As other nations compete by leveraging cheap labor, America continues to lead in new ideas and technology.

IMS Supply helps American manufacturing firms stay ahead by using new technology in creative ways. Using everything from iPhones to Apple TVs allows us to process surplus industrial inventory faster and store equipment more securely and accurately. As part of the IMS MRO Asset Recovery program, we can leverage technology and new ideas to make traditional manufacturing firms more efficient and competitive all while reducing the amount of manufacturing waste created.

That new app on your phone might be all the rage, but manufacturing built America, and for that matter, it built your phone too.

About IMS Supply: IMS Supply is a leading distributor of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products and services with facilities in East and West Michigan and Kentucky. Through our MRO Asset Recovery Program we stock hard to find parts and supplies from thousands of different manufacturers at prices up to 70% less than MSRP. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.